Bratislava orders additional LRVs

Škoda ForCity Plus Dopravný podnik Bratislava (DPB), the public transport company of Slovakia’s capital, and Škoda Group signed a contract for the supply of 10 bi-directional Škoda ForCity Plus 30T trams.

EUR 26.5 million (CZK 650 million) is the value of the contract under which the new metre-gauge LRVs will be delivered in 2024.

The new trams will significantly improve the quality of transport in Bratislava. In addition to the multiple safety and comfort features, passengers can enjoy Wi-Fi connectivity and USB sockets for charging small electronics. The trams will be equipped with energy-saving outdoor LED lighting and a camera system to ensure even greater safety. The trams are also adapted for comfortable boarding and riding for people with disabilities.

The 32.5 m long light rail vehicles with 10 double doors have a total capacity of 242 passengers with 52 seats and 190 standing places.  They are able to run at a maximum speed of 65 km/h.

The acquisition of the new trams will be financed from the European funds. In May, DPB and the Ministry of Transport signed an agreement for the provision of a non-refundable financial contribution (NFP) under the Integrated Regional Operational Progarmme (IROP).  EUR 27 million is the total eligible costs of the procurement project of which the NFP amounts to EUR 25.66 million. DPB will also provide a funding of EUR 1.35 million for the tram procurement project.  The project will be divided into two phases. The first phase will be implemented within the 2014-2020 IROP, while the second stage will be carried out during the 2021-2027 period under the Programme Slovakia (PSK).

The bi-directional Škoda ForCity Plus 30T light rail vehicles are of the same type that have been running in the city since 2015. Bratislava owns 60 Škoda vehicles in total, half of which are uni-directional (model 29T) with the other half being bi-directional (model 30T). In total, these trams have travelled 22.5 million km, of which in 2021 they covered almost 4.2 million on city’s tram network.

This is the second tram contract achieved by Škoda in Bratislava this year. In March 2022 DPB awarded Škoda a EUR 72 million contract to deliver up to 30 more Škoda ForCity Plus 29T uni-directional trams. In total, the public transport company will operate up to 100 Škoda trams.



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