Brasov plans to introduce metropolitan trains

Brasov Municipality, Romania, plans to develop several railway transport routes in the metropolitan area to facilitate connection between the city and suburban localities, to improve the citizens’ mobility and reduce pollution.
Therefore, the air quality improvement plan envisages the introduction of metropolitan trains on several routes, such as Triaj Harman – Gara Brasov – Stupini; Triaj Harman – Gara Brasov – Bartolomeu – Lustic, Triaj Harman – Cartier Florilor – Darste.
Some of these routes, such as Harman – Gara Brasov – Stupini route, would also serve the city’s new residential areas.
Considering the fact that one of the city’s major pollution sources is road traffic, the authorities plan to support public transport so that the people living in Brasov would reduce transport by individual cars.
To meet this objective, the municipality signed the procurement contract for 105 Diesel Euro 6 buses. Moreover, there are several projects in various phases of European or government financing for the procurement of new trolleybuses and electric or hybrid buses.
In 2006, the municipality of Brasov decided to replace trams and trolleys with new buses, thus hoping to ease traffic. It is useless to say that these measures have not eased traffic; on the contrary, it is now even more intense, suffocating and very polluting.
To increase the attractiveness of public transport, Brasov Municipality also plans to develop the passenger information system, after solving current problems. At the same time, in order to reduce the duration of a journey by public transport means, the municipality has already launched works to establish public transport dedicated lines on Terminal Poienelor – Calea Bucuresti – str. Toamnei – Bulevardul M. Kogalniceanu – Bulevardul Victoriei – str. Iuliu Maniu – str. N. Iorga – str. Lunga – Calea Fagarasului – Terminalul Stadion Municipal – str. Lunga – B-dul Eroilor – Bulevardul 15 Noiembrie – Calea Bucuresti si Bulevardul Victoriei – Terminal Gara route.
Brasov Municipality is also trying to convince its citizens to give up their personal cars by building a cycling lane. “In this period, we are preparing the documentations for building two cycling lanes on Valea Cetatii – Terminal RATBV Poienelor and Terminal RATBV Poienelor – Gara Brasov – Centrul Civic sections.

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