Bombardier unveils its Traxx 3 locomotive platform

Bombardier has officially introduced its new Traxx 3 platform at Kassel site in Germany. For greater planning efficiency and most economical operation, the Traxx 3 platform has been designed around the freight industry’s latest digital maintenance solutions. Intelligent platforms based on Conditional Based Maintenance, Big Data and IoT technology correlate data coming from the vehicle and the rail infrastructure to monitor the vehicle’s health in real-time, predicting maintenance interventions, while guaranteeing maximum fleet performance and availability.
The Traxx Service Group is located in Kassel, the industrial lead site for locomotive production at Bombardier Transportation which is celebrating its 170th birthday this year. Since 1848, around 35,500 locomotives have been built in this proven production site.
“The Traxx MS3 locomotive is the only locomotive on the market with the Last Mile function, letting it easily bridge non-electrified track sections often found in ports or freight terminals. It’s a key advantage, enabling our customers to offer an alternative to road-based freight traffic throughout its entire journey,” Michael Fohrer, President of the CEC region and Head of Bombardier Transportation in Germany said.

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