Bombardier launched a fully renewed Mitrac portfolio

At the UITP Global Public Transport Summit, Bombardier Transportation presented its new generation of Mitrac solutions, redesigned to minimize lifecycle costs, reducing both operational and investment expenses, lessen damaging environmental impact and increase overall energy efficiency.
“We are very proud that the extensive redesign of our Mitrac portfolio is delivering such impressive benefits to our customers, including 35% higher reliability,” Bart Vantorre, Head of COO Equipment at Bombardier Transportation said.
The Mitrac Power portfolio encompasses the entire propulsion system and high voltage equipment, including future-proof air-cooled and water-cooled traction converters. The converter achieves energy reductions of up to 35%, 19 dB lower noise emissions, 35% higher reliability and 25% lower lifecycle costs.
The Mitrac Pulse portfolio covers all energy management solutions, including on-board energy storage products, such as lithium-ion traction batteries and super capacitors. Bombardier’s onboard energy management systems offer solutions for increased energy efficiency, reduced CO2 emissions and reduced noise.
The Mitrac Control portfolio includes company’s Train Control and Management System (TCMS). It coordinates the flow of information on the rail vehicles and between the train and wayside systems. With the standardized open interfaces and an integrated fleet management system, MITRAC Control reduces operational and maintenance costs significantly.

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