Bombardier and RegioJet signed locomotive contract

RegioJet and Bombardier signed a contract for the supplu of 15 Traxx MS3 locomotives which includes options for additional locomotives and the first application of Bombardier’s new online spare parts ordering tool. The tool features spare part delivery commitments and removes the need for operators to maintain their own parts inventory.
This is the first order for the new Traxx MS3 locomotive for passenger service and they will be used to for domestic and cross-border service between the Czech Republic and neighbouring countries.
The new contract is based on a first contract in 2017 for the purchase of eight Traxx MS2e locomotives. The contract takes RegioJet’s expansion into account, including new operations on domestic lines such as Brno – Ostrava – Bohumín, and the extension of its international services to Hungary as of June 2020.
“We are looking forward to receiving this next generation of vehicles, as the four Traxx MS2e locomotives we operate now are a reliable and proven part of our fleet. Aside from increased efficiency and lower operating costs, these new locomotives will also enable us to expand our business offering to our customers across the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) region,” Jiří Schmidt, Director of Operations, RegioJet, said.
RegioJet is purchasing additional Traxx MS3 locomotives predominantly to unify its current fleet of multi-system locomotives, which will only be made up of Traxx MS locomotives in the future.

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