Bogota develops PPP funded light rail project

Bogota-Columbia_indexDetails have been released regarding Bogota’s proposed Metrosur or light rail network, which will run for 16.45km. The system will operate nine cars, with three motorized trains and three pulled trains. Each car will be 2.65 meters wide and 43 meters long, according to the Transmilenio company, which currently operates the cities BRT network. The system will be bi-directional, meaning it can operate in either direction without having to turn the trains, informs.
Trains will be able to transport 438 passengers, with a distribution of six passengers per square meter.
The project will be funded with a Public-Private Partnership model (PPP), and will be paid for exclusively with private contributions. Strategic partners for the project are Metrovías Pan American, SENER, Metro Bilbao and the SITP.
Currently, Bogota has no trams or light rail trams, they are out of service since 1951.

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