Bergen light rail wins transport design prize

Bergen light rail-Norvegia_europe-norway-bergen-travel-bybanen_img_2603Bergen Light Rail won this year’s prize for transport design. This is the first rail system in Norway designed in a holistic way. Today the light rail is one of the city’s clearest brands, with high social status.
In 2000, the city of Bergen decided on the construction of a light rail transit between the city center and the airport at Flesland. The project required a financing package based on cooperation between the national and local government. The project was approved by parliament and construction was started in 2008. The entire line will be finished by 2016 and will serve about 25 percent of the region’s population and be integrated with existing bus services.
The city of Bergen signed a development contract with Stadler Pankow for the first low-floor light rail vehicles.


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