Belgium – Spain semitrailer train service launched

Starting 20 February, Hupac offers a daily shuttle train service between Antwerp and Barcelona which is able to carry semitrailers. The new service comes after a successful test period carried out together with the RENFE and SNCF.
The Hupac shuttle Antwerp D Barcelona offers daily departures with attractive A-C transit times. Besides containers and swap bodies, also semitrailers with P386 codification can be transhipped. They travel on special pocket wagons and an extra strong XL tarpaulin is required.
The Antwerp D Barcelona shuttle has been introduced in 2008 and registers growing demand. The service will start at Antwerp Combinant terminal, crossing France, where a maximum profile of P386 can be achieved, and enters Spain on the UIC line without the need to change railcars for the Spanish network. The train will arrive at Barcelona Morot terminal.

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