Belgium: De Lijn reaffirms largest tram contract

The Board of Directors of De Lijn, the public transport operator in Belgium, reassigned the 24 low-floor trams order to the Spanish rolling stock manufacturer CAF. This is the first of 7 possible agreements worth EUR 295 million for the acquisition of 146 new trams.

Because CAF and Bombardier’s proposals were qualitatively equivalent, the better price of CAF gave the break. Both manufacturers now make agreements on commercial cooperation. On top of that, the Bombardier Bruges plant also has a new assignment: rebuilding 53 Antwerp Hermelijn Rams, so that they can be connected with the new trams. This assignment has a value of approximately EUR 23 million.

„We have done everything within the legal framework to ensure employment in Bruges. Both the cooperation between CAF and Bombardier for the major tram contract and the new assignment to adjust the Antwerp Hermelijnrams in Bruges, mean new and concrete perspectives for employees.” Flemish Minister of Mobility Ben Weyts said.

„This tender of 146 trams is the largest ever in De Lijn’s history and is much needed. The trams will replace the old Coastal Trams (Kusttram)”, Director General Roger Kesteloot emphasized the importance of the order.

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