Belarusian Railway to implement electrification and rolling stock modernization projects

BelarusFor 2015, Belarusian Railway will implement  projects relating to electrification of the railways, delivery, operation and maintenance of modern rolling stock, upgrading of shunting diesel locomotives TME, construction of the switch device in Brest and arrangement of passenger transportation by Talgo trains on Moscow – Brest – Berlin route.
Other major international activities of the Belarusian Railway for 2015 include the cooperation with the Eurasian Economic Commission under the Treaty on the establishment of the Eurasian Economic Community; cooperation regarding the development of the rules and regulations; performance of the arrangements made between the Belarusian Railway, Russian Railways and Kazakhstan Temir Zholy related to activities of the United Transport & Logistics Company (UTLC) and the UTLC Project Office.

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