Beacon to lease 9 Bitrac locomotives to SNCF Captrain España

Beacon Rail Leasing has acquired 9 dual-mode Bitrac locomotives from Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles, for lease to SNCF Captrain España.
“These Bitracs add to our existing portfolio of dual mode locomotives allowing us to continue to leverage our existing skills, expertise, and experience,” Rob Dee, Chief Commercial Officer of Beacon Rail Leasing said.
Bitrac locomotives are capable of running with electric and diesel-electric traction in two versions – Co´Co´and Bo´Bo´.
Captrain is the international European rail transport brand for SNCF Logistics. In 2018, SNCF Logistics purchased the remaining shares in Comsa Rail Transport. Initially, the French company owned 25% in Comsa Rail Transport. Through this process, SNCF Logistics is now the owner of Comsa Rail Transport, rebranded as SNCF Captrain España. In five years, Comsa Rail Transport increased its turnover by around 70%, reaching EUR 33 million with a workforce of 200 people. Company’s activity has grown from 8400 trains in 2013 to 19 200 trains put into commercial services in 2017.

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