Bavaria announces the two winners of regional concessions

The Railway Company of Bavaria, Bayerische Eisenbahngesellschaft, announced the winners of the Augsburger Network concessions, tendered in two lots.
Go-Ahead Verkehrsgesellschaft Deutschland GmbH won the Lot 1 of the Augsburger rail network, comprising three lines:
– Ulm – Augsburg – München
– Würzburg – Ansbach – Treuchtlingen – Donauwörth – Augsburg
– Aalen – Nördlingen – Donauwörth
Starting December 2021, Go-Ahead will launch transport operation under the 12-year contract.

The Lot 2 of Augsburger Netze will be awarded to the Bayerische Regiobahn GmbH, a subsidiary of Transdev. Three lines which will be operated are:
– Schongau – Weilheim – Geltendorf – Mering – Augsburg Hbf – Gessertshausen – Langenneufnach
– Augsburg-Ober¬hau¬sen – Aichach – Ingolstadt Hbf
– (Ingolstadt Hbf –) Eichstätt Bahnhof – Eichstätt Stadt
Bayerische Regiobahn is the current operator of the tendered lines that began operation of the Augsburg I diesel concession on December 9, 2018.
The contracts will be signed on December 18, 2018.

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