Basel awards Stadler tram contract

Basel public transport company, BLT, and Stadler Rail signed a CHF 54 million (EUR 47.25 million) contract for the supply of 10 Tramlink Be 6/8 vehicles. The first LRV will be delivered in October 2021, when it will be put into operation on the route network of Aargau Verkehr AG (AVA) after initial tests in Bremgarten, a municipality in the Swiss canton of Aargau. The other 9 vehicles will be tested at the Stadler plant in Valencia on the company’s 2.5-km test track and delivered directly to Waldenburg from July 2022. The 10 LRVs will be in operation from December 11, 2022 on the line 19 between Liestal and Waldenburg
The new low-floor vehicles will be built in the Stadler factory in Valencia.
The BLT Board of Directors approved the credit on the procurement as well as the specifications on the supply agreement, which stipulates the details on the requirements, offer, obligations and rights between the BTL and Stadler Rail. The requirements regard the vehicle concept, detail specifications to production, delivery, commissioning, acceptance, vehicle software and training. In addition, it is highlighted the provision of maintenance services and spare parts, as well as payment methods.
The LRVs will replace the existing vehicles produced in 1985 and 1993.
In 2013, BLT awarded Stadler Rail a CHF 94 million (EUR 82.2 million, at currently prices) contract for the delivery of 19 Tango trams.

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