Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan to launch new rail ferries

Baku-Port_14428160254418038576_1000x669New ferries will be launched for freight traffic between Azerbaijan’s Baku International Sea Trade Port in Alat and Kazakhstan’s Kuryk port, which is being built, Baku International Sea Trade Port announced.
The head of the Baku International Sea Trade Port Taleh Ziyadov held a meeting with a delegation visited the new Baku port and headed by the president of Kazakhstan Railways, Askar Mamin.
During the meeting, Ziyadov said that the cargo transshipment via the Baku International Sea Trade Port increased by more than a third due to the increase in freight traffic on the route Baku-Aktau-Baku.
Askar Mamin, in turn, noted that the construction of the new Kuryk port in Kazakhstan will have a positive impact on the volume of cargo transportation between the two countries.
“Both new ferries and the available ones will operate between Baku and Kuryk port,” Askar Mamin said.
Moreover, a free trade zone will be created at the Kuryk port following the example of the Baku port, Mamin added.
It is expected that up to five ferries will be served daily at the Kuryk port that will ensure the transshipment of four million tons of cargo per year.

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