Automated transit line opened in Wuhu

The Party Secretary Shan Xiangqian and the Mayor of Wuhu City Ning Bo have inaugurated China’s first fully automated and driverless elevated monorail designed for a speed of 80 km/h.

The 30.4 km long line with 25 stations is operated by 28 six-car Innovia monorail trains delivered by Alstom’s Chinese joint ventures.

At the inauguration of Wuhu Rail Transit’s Line 1 the Chairman of CRRC as the PPP leader and customer Sun Yongcai, the President of China Railway Group Limited Chen Wenjian and the President of Alstom China Jianwei Zhang also attended.

The monorail line is equipped with automatic train operation (ATO) grade of operation 4 (GoA4). The highest level of automation available, GoA4 enables the Innovia monorail to operate fully automated, without driver or attendants. 

“The start of operation marks another milestone for Alstom’s Chinese joint ventures, which remain committed to working alongside our customers. Wuhu’s new fully automated and driverless elevated monorail will be a game changer for residents, decreasing their commute time while also reducing congestion, pollution, and carbon emissions in the city,” the President of Alstom China said.

In October, over 40,000 people experienced the country’s first fully automated and driverless elevated monorail train firsthand during trial runs. For the start of its commercial operation, the Innovia monorail departed from Baimashan Station in the south of the city and end at Baoshun Road station in the north.

The Innovia monorail platform, along with a total of 168 cars, was manufactured by Alstom’s Chinese joint venture CRRC Puzhen Bombardier Transportation Systems Limited (PBTS). To ensure the safe, reliable and efficient operation, the train has also been deeply integrated with key technologies such as track beams, switches and power supply rails. The train’s passenger compartment offers a clear and open view as the entire train passes through the city emitting low noise and vibration. With strong dynamic performance, exceptional climbing ability and a tight turning radius, the train is well adapted to the needs of an urban landscape.

Under the project, Bombardier NUG Signalling Solutions Company owned at 50% by Alstom delivered the Cityflo 650 signalling system that enables the automatic train operation while Alstom’s joint venture for propulsion in China, Bombardier NUG Propulsion System Co. Ltd. (owned at 50% by Alstom Group), provided the Mitrac propulsion equipment for the monorail trains.

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