Authorisation awarded for Düsseldorf Flexity LRVs

Düsseldorf Flexity trams

Three Düsseldorf Flexity trams have received the authorisation to operate on the tramway network in the city’s metropolitan area including Duisburg. This means that Rheinbahn can start using the trams for passenger transport within the Düsseldorf metropolitan area in Germany.

Bombardier Transportation will continue to work with the authorities to ensure that the other 56 vehicles are also authorised for passenger operation within the net period.

“We can look back on a long-lasting and incredible constructive partnership with Rheinbahn. I am very proud that our teams have worked hard and cooperated to ensure we achieved this important milestone,” Michael Fohrer, Head of Bombardier Transportation Germany said.

In total, Bombardier will deliver Düsseldorf 59 Flexity high-floor trams for the entire Rheinbahn network.

The Düsseldorf Flexity trams are energy efficient and offer additional safety and comfort for passengers. “The new trams are also equipped with technologies which ensure reduced energy consumption and low noise emissions,” said Dirk Wunderlich, Head of Sales and Delivery for German Cities at Bombardier Transportation.

They are 28 meters long featuring air-conditioning system, generous passageways, and spacious multi-purpose areas.

In March 2015, Bombardier and Rheinbahn have signed the contract for the delivery of 42 Flexity trams with an option for 16 additional vehicles. The contract has a value of EUR 127 million.

During 2020 the new light rail vehicles will replace existing fleet.

In 2017, Duisburger Verkehrsgesellschaft awarded Bombardier a contract to supply 47 Flexity trams which will be delivered until 2023. EUR 132 million is the value of the contract. The LRVs are 34 meters long, 2.3 meters wide and have a total capacity for up to 200 passengers. They are designed to increase the passenger-flow.

Bombardier has delivered 1,000 Flexity trams to 42 German cities.



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