Astra Vagoane Calatori will deliver the 22 trams for Cluj

Cluj-Napoca municipality selected Astra Vagoane Calatori for the delivery of 22 new trams. In the end, the contract was assigned for RON 170.17 million (EUR 36.6 million), but it has been previously estimated to a higher value of RON 190 million (EUR 41 million).
We recall that the tender was published in December 2017 and this year, in May, Cluj-Napoca Municipality announced that the only offer received was that from the Arad-based rolling stock manufacturer. According to the framework agreement, several subsequent contracts will be signed for the delivery of 1 up to 3 trams. A subsequent contract can be signed every 6 months or earlier (from the signing of the framework agreement), but the delivery deadline of 11 months must be observed.
We also recall that at the beginning of May 2018, Cluj-Napoca Municipality submitted financing demands of over EUR 100 million to support non-polluting electric transport in the city. This financing demand is also included in the acquisition of the 22 new trams.
Astra Vagoane Arad is the sole bidder in two other tenders for delivery of new trams in Romania, in Oradea, 20 trams, and in Galati, 18 trams. These bids are currently under evaluation.
This year, several Romanian cities announced the procurement of new trams, and tenders have already been launched in cities such as Arad and Timisoara, while in other cities, such as Craiova, Braila, Ploiesti or Iasi, the tenders are in various preliminary phases.
Another significant project was announced by the Romanian capital, Bucharest, for the procurement of 100 new trams. A financing demand of EUR 220 million was submitted for this project.
The new projects for the modernisation of the urban rail transport in Romania and CEE Countries will be debated during the special panel of the second day of this year’s edition of the Railway Days Summit, organised in Bucharest on 16-17 October.

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