ASEAN Rail Summit 2017

ASEAN Rail Summit 2017

6 – 7 September

Kuala Lumpur


Rail infrastructure cooperation has been extensively conducted within Southeast Asian countries under the release of ASEAN’s Master Plan on ASEAN Connectivity 2025 (MPAC2025) and the China’s initiative of One Belt One Road. It is estimated that the total planned and under-constructed rail projects are over 40,000 kilometers. The Trans-Asian Railway Network construction further deepen the bilateral cooperation between ASEAN and its neighbors. The ASEAN countries are now seeking international cooperation in the fields of rail financing and technology to boost the transportation infrastructure development.

Against this background, the ASEAN Rail Summit 2017 will be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, themed on “One Belt One Road” for All-dimensional Connectivity, Rail Technology Innovation to a Win-Win Cooperation” . This Two-Day strategic conference, designed to address the key challenges and opportunities in the cross-border rail cooperation within Southeast Asia, targeted to create an exchange platform for global rail leaders to get a better understanding of ASEAN rail development, to seek further chances of working together for a safe, smart and efficient rail network in ASEAN.


ASEAN RAIL SUMMIT 2017, organized by Shine-consultant as well as supported by Land Public Transport Commission (Malaysia)(SPAD), Institute Of Comprehensive Transportation Of National Development and Reform Commission, Indian Railways, Philippine Nation Railways, SMRT Corporation Ltd, The Philippines Light Rail Transit Authority and Chung Hua University, successfully ended on 7th, Sep, 2017 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.



China Railway Signal & Communication Co., Ltd , Morgan Advanced Materials, Tianjin Yichang Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. Beijing Joydata Technologies Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Hengxin Technology Co., Ltd. Nanjing Kangni Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd. Shanghai Edunburgh Elevator Group Inc. Ricardo Rail, Cobham Wireless as well as Bureau Veritas sent delegates to attend this conference.


  1. Experienced Speakers

At the beginning of this event, the GM of Land Public Transport Commission (Malaysia), Yuslizar Daud made the opening address” The status quo and future demand of the ASEAN Rail Transit Market”, then, the Head of Policy Research Office of Institute of Comprehensive, Yijiang Fan, made a speech” ‘One Belt One Road’ Construction and Rail transport Development Cooperation between China and ASEAN Countries”, After that, Wei Luo, the Business Development Director , ASEAN Regional Center of CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotie Co., Ltd. gave a lecture named “To be the core driver of the development of railway industry in Asean countries”, later, the Head of Marketing Department of CRSC International Co., Ltd. Jiming Li made a speech” An Analysis on the Development of Signal and Communication systems of Railway and Urban Rail Transit in China”. Lastly, a panel discussion” How to Enhance Competitiveness in the ASEAN Rail Industry Development?” Head, Safety& SMRT Inpectorate of SMRT Corporation Ltd, Lim Chwee Kuong. Senior Commercial Manager of CRSC International Co., Ltd. Xiang  Fang, Punit Agrawal, Director Electrical Engg of Ministry of Railway, Govt of India, Junn B. Magno, GM of Philippine National Railways and Voravuth Mala, Deputy Governor of Property Management of State Railway of Thailand have discussed this topic.

Afternoon, Director Electrical Engg of Ministry of Railway, Govt of India named Punit Agrawal made a speech “Energy Efficiency on Indian Railway”, Voravuth Mala who is the Deputy Governor of Property Management of State Railway of Thailand gave a lecture” Rail project planning, development and property management in Thailand”, then, Dr kang tong hum, the GM of Railway Assets Corporation Malaysia made a speech” Management and development of the Malaysian railway assets”.

After, an Award Ceremony began, PCI Technology & Service Co., Ltd. received an award “ASEAN Rail Industry Recommended Integrated Supervisory Control System Supplier Award 2017”, China Railway Signal & Communication Co., Ltd. won an award” ASEAN Rail Industry Recommended Signal & Communication System Supplier Award 2017”, Frankie Thompson Enterprises, Inc. won the prize ASEAN Rail Industry Recommended Equipment Supplier Award 2017” as well as Beijing AuteeLight Rail New Technology Co., Ltd. received the prize ASEAN Rail Industry Recommended Network Light Rail Supplier Award 2017”.

Then, after coffee break, C.C Chang, the Committee Member Light Rail System, Department of Rapid Transit Systems, of New Taipei City Government made a speech” Railway Asset Management Model Innovation-Taipei Metro as an Example”, after that, a table discussion ” Global Rail Transit Infrastructure Planning and Management Practical Experience”, Iain Carmichael, the Managing Director of Ricardo Rail, C.C Chang, Dominic F. Kabigtin who is charge of Information systems in The Philippines Light Rail Transit Authority, Mukul Jain, the Operations Director of High Speed Rail Corporation of India Ltd (HSRC).

On the 7th,sep, Lim Chwee Kuong gave a speech named” The Crisis Management Mechanism of the Rail Operation” who is the Head, Safety& SMRT Inpectorate of SMRT Corporation Ltd. Chiung-yin CHAN, the Director of System Engineering Division of Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation make a, Andy Goshe, the Global Technical Director for the Electrical Carbon and Seals & Bearings businesses of Morgan Advanced Materials Gave a speech “Materials Science and Technology Innovation or Safe, Smart, and Efficient Operation”, lastly, Simon Li, the Managing Director of Tianjin Yichang Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd and Siu Yow Wee, the Director Station Operation of SMT Trains Ltd. made speeches named” Electric Power Transmission System Development Direction” and “Improve Passenger Experience Rail Transit Information Construction” respectively.

In the afternoon, Mukul Jain, the Operations Director of High Speed Rail Corporation of India Ltd (HSRC) showed “The Mumbai-Ahmedabad HSR Corridor” ,then, Ankala Saibaba made a speech, Designing & Constructing a USD1.6Bn Mea railway project including the World’s Tallest Bridge” who is the Chief Engineer in Indian Railways. Later, Yan Lu, the GM of Beijing Joydata Technologies Co., Ltd. showed” Joydata tailors the best fit AFC solution or you” ,lastly, Dominic F. Kabigtin, the Management Information systems Division Manager of The Philippines Light Rail Transit Authority showed “Current projects and how we are planning to improve our railways” as well as the Technical Director of Technical Director who name is Dato’ Dr.Kevin Lam showed System Integration in Railway”.


  1. Frequent Media Exposure

We have invited 20+ media partners to expose our conference, such as Rail Tube, Asia Today, Transport Advencement, Rail PRO, Bussiness Wire, Rail Personnel, NRG etc.

  1. Malaysian Company Visit

Delegates of this conference have been invited to visit China Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Ltd——the first ‘4S’store that service for maintenances of overseas high speed trains.


ASEAN RAIL SUMMIT 2017 ended successfully, you could follow our conference website:, if you want to participate similar summit. the next summit named The 11th Annual of City-rail Summit 2018 which will be hosted on 10th-11th, Jan,2018 in Shenzhen, China.


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