APM vehicle assembling for Hong Kong begins

Innovia APM Bombardier Transportation has launched the assembly of the first Innovia APM vehicle for Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) at its joint venture CRRC Puzhen Bombardier Transportation Systems Limited’s (PBTS) site.

The delivery is part of a contract signed in 2017 for the supply of the Innovia APM 300 system to the Airport Authority Hong Kong (AA).

The PBTS – CRRC Nanjing Puzhen consortium will deliver a 2.6-km, three-guideway airside integrated APM system for the Third Runway Concourse (TRC) Line connecting HKIA TRC and Terminal 2. The project applies Bombardier’s Innovia APM 300 rubber-tired rail transit system technology.

The six-car train operation mode is adopted in the early, short and long-term. Project scope includes design and equipment supply including the vehicles, communications, signalling, traction power supply, track switches, platform screen doors, depot equipment; the civil construction which involves the walking surface and guide beam, the installation of all electromechanical equipment and system integration.

The project has progressed smoothly and in November 2020, the team achieved two major milestones. It has completed the design phase and passed the first statutory car body welding inspection. Wayside and civil work are also proceeding according to schedule. The customer Airport Authority Hong Kong expressed their appreciation for the efforts made by the team, they also recognised the teams’ high competency, proactive attitude and cooperation in the process of project execution.

The Hong Kong Airport Third Runway system project is a major infrastructure undertaking that supports both the aviation industry, as well as Hong Kong’s long-term economic development. After completion and operation of the Third Runway new APM Line, Hong Kong’s airport will greatly improve its passenger travelling efficiency and will be better equipped to meet the needs of over 30 million expected additional passengers. The TRC Line is a core project for the construction of the Third Runway of Hong Kong International Airport.

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