Another Zagreb– Rijeka rail section receives EU funding

Croatian Ministry of Transport and the Central Finance and Contracting Agency – responsible for the management of EU’s funding programmes in Croatia, signed with HŽ Infrastruktura an agreement to finance the study and project documentation on the modernisation of Karlovac – Oštarije section, part of M202 Zagreb– Karlovac – Rijeka corridor.
The aim of the project is the development of the study and project documentation for the modernisation and construction of Zagreb – Rijeka corridor, connecting the Karlovac and Oštarija areas. Under the documentation, technical and technological conditions will be developed.
The value of the project HRK 85.5 million (EUR 11.46 million), of which HRK 59 million (EUR 7.9 million) or 85% is covered through Cohesion Fund. 15% of the needed funding or EUR 1.4 million (HRK 10.4 million) will be allotted by HŽ Infrastruktura. Project’s planning will be completed at the end of 2023.
As part of the project, a feasibility study, cost and benefit analysis, environmental impact study, obtaining building permits, the needed documentation for land permits as well as tender documentation for works and supervision will be elaborated. The funds provided to this project will also cover project management and promotion-related activities.
The Karlovac – Oštarije project envisages the modernisation of the existing line and the construction of the double-track along the 50-km section.
Karlovac – Oštarije is part of M202 Zagreb – Karlovac – Rijeka corridor that is currently in modernisation stage. HŽ Infrastruktura already completed the modernisation of signaling devices in Zagreb main station, and currently it has under construction the Dugo Selo – Križevci section. In addition, the infrastructure manager is in the procurement phase for the construction and supervision of Križevci – Koprivnica –border (with Hungary) section. The Karlovac – Oštarije section is continued to Zagreb by the 45-km Leskovac – Karlovac section for which the project documentation is currently being drafted and is co – financed by the EU. The value of the design documentation contract is EUR 7.1 million. The total value of the construction works is estimated at EUR 248 million and are expected to start in 2020 and to be completed in 2024.
Also on the Zagreb– Karlovac – Rijeka, the 114-km section between Oštarije and Škrljevo is in the design phase for which the tender for the preparation of technical documentation is estimated at EUR 7 million. The works on the modernisation of Oštarije – Škrljevo section will be launched in 2024 and are expected to be completed in 2028. Currently, the project is in the public procurement process for the preparation of the study documentation.
The documentation on Škrljevo – Rijeka – Jurdani modernisation is being prepared. The modernisation works for the 27.5 km section is expected to be launched in 2024 and after four years it should be completed.
The M202 Zagreb– Karlovac – Rijeka corridor is part of the Mediterranean Corridor, which links the Iberian Peninsula via the Port of Rijeka, Zagreb and Budapest, with the Hungarian and Ukrainian border, with the Trans-European Transport Network.

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