Another Romanian city could have a metro network

Cluj Mayor Emil Boc announced that, in the first ten days of November, the municipality will publish in the Public Procurement Electronic System (SEAP) the validation of the tender regarding the pre-feasibility study for the future metro of Cluj-Napoca, a document which will establish the investment costs and the route of the metro.
“We are about to submit to SEAP, the national public tendering institution, the validation of the tender regarding the pre-feasibility study which means that, after validation, interested parties could submit bids for this metro study. Any public investment over EUR 75 million consists of two phases, the pre-feasibility study, followed by the feasibility study. We have hired a consultant who helped us draft the tender book and the technical team visited Bucharest to investigate on the situation of the metro in the capital. Our proposal considers the future technological evolution, not the existing situation of Bucharest, because the metro of the future will no longer have current collectors, but electric batteries”, declared Boc.
According to Cluj Mayor, the technology will help local authorities reduce the costs of such a project and the tunnel will no longer be as large as today’s metro tunnels.
“The pre-feasibility study will set the route, the costs, the financing scheme and the contribution of the other entities in Floresti and Cluj-Napoca. We have money for this pre-feasibility study this year and the financing scheme is multi-annual”, added Emil Boc.
In April 2018, the Mayor of Cluj announced that Japanese companies were interested to build a metro in Cluj-Napoca. According to the Mayor, the metro line would be built between Floresti and Apahida communes, via Cluj-Napoca over the next 10 to 15 years. The two communes are part of Cluj-Napoca metropolitan area.
In Romania, only the capital city Bucharest has a metro network. If things go as planned, Cluj-Napoca will become the second city in the country to have a metro network.

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