Amtrak’s Amfleet coaches enter overhaul

Amtrak announced that is investing in an extensive overhaul of its train interiors on more than a dozen popular services operating in the Northeast and Midwest aimed at introducing a more modern, more comfortable experience for customers. The total investment is valued at more than USD 16 million and involves the overhaul on equipment known as Amfleet I, which includes more than 450 Amtrak coach cars across the national network. Amfleet I equipment forms the backbone of many of our state corridor services, which have been the fastest growing segment of Amtrak’s business.
Beginning September, Amtrak coach cars will begin to undergo a series of major improvements including brand new seat cushions throughout; new carpeting; new LED lighting; new flooring; upgraded wainscoting and bulkhead; new curtains in Business Class cars; and redesigned galleys in the café cars.
“Amtrak is committed to offering a premium customer experience and these modernized interior features are a marked improvement in the overall ambience on board. The upgrades offer customers what they told us they want more of during their travels – a more comfortable, refreshed look and feel,” said Wick Moorman, Amtrak Co-CEO.
The project will take 9 months.

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