Alstom’s sales increased by 9 per cent

Between 1 April 2017 and 31 March 2018, Alstom’s sales reached EUR 8 billion, corresponding to an outstanding growth of 9 per cent.
Signalling, systems and services represented 57 per cent of sales in 2017/18, in line with 2020 objective of 60 per cent. Systems sales increased by around 30 per cent with the progress of urban systems projects in the Middle East. Services sales reached EUR 1.5 billion, thanks to the contribution of overhaul activities on Pendolino trains in the United Kingdom. Signalling sales slightly decreased due to an adverse market environment for freight and mining rail transport, as well as the ramp down of some projects. Rolling stock sales reached EUR 3.5 billion with deliveries of regional and high-speed trains in Europe, USA, in Algeria as well as in South Africa (for PRASA).
Within the fiscal year 2017/18, Alstom booked EUR 7.2 billion orders. This compares to EUR 10 billion over the same period last year which included several large projects such as the new generation of high-speed trains with Amtrak in the USA and the extension of Dubai Metro’s Red line with RTA in the United Arab Emirates.
Alstom was awarded projects in all regions during this year. For example, the company booked the last 100 trains of the PRASA project in South Africa, and signed several contracts in Canada for almost 100 light rail vehicles and some maintenance. In addition, Alstom has signed contracts for Pendolino trains modernisation with associated maintenance in Italy, regional trains in Italy, Senegal, Germany and France, metro systems in Vietnam and Philippines, metro and signalling in Singapore, metro in France, maintenance in Sweden, traction system for New York metro as well as a fleet modernisation project in the USA.
Alstom delivered an adjusted EBIT of EUR 514 million in 2017/18, compared to EUR 421 million the previous year, representing a 22 per cent increase. The adjusted EBIT margin reached 6.5 per cent for the fiscal year 2017/18, compared to 4.8 per cent for the fiscal year 2014/15. This continued improvement was driven by volume increase, portfolio mix and on-going initiatives for operational excellence. During the fiscal year 2017/18, net income (Group share) amounted to EUR 475 million, compared to EUR 289 million the previous year.

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