Alstom wins ATO contract in Paris

automatic train operation systemRATP awarded Alstom  a contract to provide its automatic train operation system I-CBTC to lines 10, 7bis, 3bis and 3 of the Paris metro. Alstom will be responsible for the development, validation, industrialisation, installation, testing and commissioning of its on-board I-CBTC solution.

As many as 91 carriages of the new MF19 trains, designed and manufactured by Alstom at its Valenciennes and Crespin sites, will be equipped with Alstom’s interchangeable CBTC (I-CBTC) solution, developed for RATP.

The confirmed part of the contract covers adaptation of the I-CBTC solution and its rollout on lines 10, 7bis and 3bis (44 trains). RATP may award conditional phases, such as rollout on line 3 (47 trains), maintenance in working condition for 15 years, or functional upgrades.

The rollout of the I-CBTC on-board automatic train operation system is part of the OCTYS programme to upgrade the automatic operation system on Paris metro network. Thanks to the scalability and upgradability provided by OCTYS’ interchangeability concept, the CBTC solution can be rolled out in several phases whilst guaranteeing its uniformity across the whole network.

Lines 10, 7bis and 3bis will initially operate with reduced ground infrastructure and no radio communication. On line 3, interchangeability will enable the new MF19 trains fitted with Alstom’s I-CBTC solution to run on existing ground infrastructure.

The I-CBTC solution was rolled out on lines 6 and 11 of the Paris metro and is already in operation across 34 km on Line 5 and Line 9 (130 MF01 metro carriages), and over 80 million km have already been covered since it entered into service. The MP14 and MP89 trains due to enter circulation on lines 11 and 6 respectively will also be fitted with the Alstom solution. These two lines are also equipped an Alstom radio system to transmit data between the train and the ground, which is part of the I-CTBC solution.

I-CBTC is an interchangeable Communication-Based Train Control type automation system that meets the criteria of RATP for the OCTYS standard. Developed in partnership with RATP, I-CBTC is capable of carrying out remote operating functions, monitoring safety in operations and controlling traction and braking systems to run the metros automatically, with different levels of automation, according to the configuration chosen by RATP. It improves frequency on the line. Close to 130 Paris metro carriages (MF01) operating on lines 5 and 9 are now equipped with Alstom’s I-CBTC on-board solution.

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