Alstom wins 2 contrancts in Sweden

Sweden-Alstom.jpgAlstom has been awarded a 9-year maintenance contract by SJ  (State-owned company) for Västtrafik commuter and regional trains, and a 10-year maintenance contract by Arriva for Östgöta Trafiken commuter trains to start from June 2015.
The Västtrafik fleet consists of a total of 63 Electrical Multiple Units (EMU) trains, 22 of which are Coradia Nordic trains manufactured by Alstom . Maintenance will be conducted in two depots in Gothenburg. The trains will circulate in the Gothenburg region.The Östgöta Trafik fleet comprises 19 EMUs, where of 13 Coradia Nordic made by Alstom. Maintenance will be conducted at a depot in Boxholm. The trains will operate in the regions of Norrköping – Mjölby and Motala – Tranås.
Each fleet will cover approximatively 6 million kilometers per year.

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