Alstom unveils Mumbai metro train mock-up

Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation and Alstom have presented the life-sized mock-up trainset for the city’s Metro Line 3 (Aqua Line).
The 177.2 meter-long trainsets will have higher capacity capable of ferrying around 3,000 passengers in one trip to accommodate high passenger flow.
The trainsets for Aqua Line will be equipped with regenerative braking system aiding significant reduction in carbon emissions. They will be fitted with CCTV cameras, smoke detectors, emergency intercoms, fire extinguishers with large detrainment doors to quickly evacuate passengers in an emergency.
The trainsets have appropriate signages, three rows of grab rails, grab handles, poles for holding and dedicated space for passengers with luggage. The design also ensures easy accessibility and comfort for the differently abled, with dedicated space for wheelchair in every car.
The design of the train takes inspiration from the positive energy of Mumbai and architecture of the city, which is an amalgamation of different styles from around the world. The theme captures evolution of the city’s architectural landscapes over the years.
The train’s exterior theme is a tribute to the energy flowing through the city of Mumbai, while the interior colour harmony is inspired by the people of the city, using a unique blend of comfort (beige) and freshness (arctic green).
Alstom was awarded a EUR 315 million contract for the supply of 31 eight-car metro trains for the Aqua Line. Along with rolling stock, Alstom will also execute the power supply contract and equip Line 3 with Urbalis 400. The scope of the EUR 100 million signalling contract includes unattended train operation (UTO), computer-based interlocking and centralised train supervision, platform screen doors, as well as the electrical and mechanical supervisory control and data acquisition system.
The 33.5-km Aqua Line has 27 stations, connecting the busiest and most congested regions in Mumbai. The metro line will connect Cuffe Parade business district in the extreme south of the city to Santacruz Electronics Export Processing Zone in the north-central. The Aqua Line will be the first underground metro line in Mumbai and will be one of the longest underground continuous stretches in India.

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