Alstom invested EUR 1 million for Belfort site development

France Minister of State for Industry Christophe Sirugue and Alstom’s CEO Henri Poupart-Lafarge presented the progress of the commitments for the maintenance of rail and industrial activities at the Belfort site. Since October 2016, Alstom has already invested EUR 1 million in the development of a new industrial building dedicated to maintenance for the maintenance of rail and industrial activities at the Belfort site. In February 2017 the State, local authorities, SNCF Réseau and Alstom signed a financing agreement for the electrification of the site’s test track.
Akiem, a subsidiary of the SNCF group and Deutsch Asset Management, plans to entrust the maintenance of 23 locomotives to the Belfort site. The decision will be formalised by Akiem before 15 March.
In parallel, SNCF Réseau confirms its need for 20 emergency locomotives, the acquisition procedure of which will be decided in the coming weeks. The State will continue to accompany Alstom in the development of the bimodal locomotives, both through the support of the ADEME for the development of this new platform, decided last autumn and representing EUR 4 million, and through export markets on which the company can position itself.
SNCF Mobilités has confirmed that it will buy 15 Euroduplex TGV trainsets to modernise its train fleet. The acquisition decision will be made at the Board of Directors’ meeting to be held on 23 February.
The acquisition of the 30 regional TET trains (trains d’équilbre du territoire) was decided by the Passengers’ Committee of SNCF Mobilités in December and the financing voted at the AFITF Board of Directors’ meeting on 31 January 2017. Notification of the order will be given before 10 March, just after the signing of the TET agreement between the State and SNCF.

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