Alstom delivers the last three AZ4A locomotives to ADY

Alstom has shipped from France the last three Prima M4 (AZ4A) locomotives which will soon enter Azerbaijan rail passenger services.
In October 2017, Alstom presented in Belfort, France, its first Prima M4 passenger locomotive for Azerbaijan Railways (ADY). 10 Prima M4 passenger locomotives were manufactured in Belfort. The delivery is part of a EUR 300 million contract awarded in 2014 by ADY which included the supply of 50 KZ8A freight locomotives, but the order was amended to 40 freight locomotives and 10 passenger units.
The locomotives can operate under both 25 kV AC, 50 Hz for the East-West corridor and under 3 kV DC for the North-South corridor. The AZ4A passenger locomotive is based on the Alstom Prima modular platform designed to provide operators with the most suitable solutions for passenger and freight services.
Prima AZ4A is able to run at 160km/h in passenger service with longer runs between maintenance and repair, reduced power consumption as well as reduced locomotive maintenance costs and enhanced fleet management efficiency. The AZ4A is a Prima M4 locomotive developed on the basis of the Azerbaijan Railways technical requirements and in compliance with GOST standards and specifications (CIS norms). The locomotive has a cutting edge traction system based on Alstom technology. It requires minimum maintenance and provides a high reliability level and low lifecycle cost thanks to its modular design.
With around 3,000 km of track, the Azerbaijani railway network is an important link between the Black and Caspian Seas and between Russia and Iran.

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