Alcatel-Lucent deploys network in Gotthard tunnel

Gotthard_tunnel_parallax_story_8_tunnelsystemAlcatel-Lucent Enterprise network technology has been implemented as the permanent, fixed data and wired VoIP network running through the 57-km Gotthard railway tunnel under the Swiss Alps. The Swiss project now enables the supervision and control of the numerous sensors, safety equipment, tunnel management systems and power supplies underpinning the operation of the tunnel.
The tunnel’s data network has been installed by ALE business partner Alpiq InTec in co-ordination with Alcatel-Lucent. It is controlled by two OmniVista Network Management Systems which provide the visibility of data and advanced analytics required to ensure resource availability and reliable flow of traffic at all times.
The data gathered by the sensors, monitors and surveillance equipment in the complex’s 152km of main tunnels, access tunnels and cross passages is transmitted to tunnel control centres, and the 16.7Hz power and ZKE systems which monitor train power and wheel temperature link directly to the SBB network at its control centre in Bern.

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