Agreement signed for Wrocław Rail Node feasibility study

The president of PKP Polish Railway Lines, Ireneusz Merchel and the Mayor of Wrocław, Jacek Sutryk, signed a letter of intent for the development of documentation of Wrocław Railway Node. The feasibility study will define new possibilities for the development of rail transport in Wrocław and city’s agglomeration, the planning of the use of use railway lines, as well as the needed investment.
The study will be used as the basis for detailed planning of investment projects in the post-2020 perspective.
The idea of the study is to develop infrastructure solutions tailored to the planned timetable, which will result from traffic forecasts. The proposed initial technical solutions are to guarantee the achievement of adequate capacity of railway lines. Also, solutions regarding the location of stations and passenger stops will be analyzed in order to integrate the railway system with the other city’s public transport services. The study will be focused on the efficiency of rail freight services on Wroclaw node, including the lines part of the TEN-T.
The project would take into consideration the reconstruction of Wrocław Świebodzki station, the construction of Wrocław air-rail connection, the reconstruction of the Wrocław diametral line, including the construction of the fourth tracks, the construction of the needed infrastructure to separate regional, long-distance and freight traffic, using a bypass for passenger traffic. In addition, the legitimacy of using the north-eastern high-speed railway section for the agglomeration and freight traffic will also be analyzed, in order to relieve the Wroclaw Popowice (Mykolaiv) – Oleśnica section.
In May, PKP PLK announced the tender for the preparation of a preliminary feasibility study for Wrocław Railway Node.

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