Aeroexpress to transfer transportation business and service infrastructure to the local rail carriers

AeroexpressAeroexpress has announced its decision to terminate the operation in the cities of Vladivostok and Kazan, and to focus its efforts on the Moscow region, where the company serves air-rail links between the capital and the three airports of the Moscow Air Transportation Cluster.
Due to the planned termination of business in regions, Aeroexpress is now considering a possibility to transfer the established transportation business and service infrastructure in these areas to local rail carriers. Discussions with regional authorities are already under way.
“For the several years of Aeroexpress’ presence in these regions, our company has strived to provide passengers with maximum comfort and the highest level of service. Despite the fact that both projects are supported by the federal government, expenses incurred by Aeroexpress in the regions have not been yet reimbursed. We have not yet received any compensations or subsidies from the Vladivostok local government. As for the Kazan project, only a 50% compensation have been paid. We are currently working through the best way to transfer the entire service establishment to local carriers and not to infringe the interests of passengers. Unfortunately, the current macroeconomic situation and the fact that the cost of using the railroad infrastructure by Aeroexpress has risen 100 times as of 5 January 2015 have forced our company to cease activities there,” commented Alexey Sorokin, Chief Operating Officer at Aeroexpress
Aeroexpress launched its services in these regions few years ago. In Vladivostok, the new air-rail link was put into operation in July 2012. In May 2013, Aeroexpress trains started to run along a new line connecting the city of Kazan and Kazan International Airport.

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