Additional ForCity Smart Artic tram for Schöneiche

Schöneicher-Rüdersdorfer Strassenbahn GmbH (SRS), a German public transport company, ordered Škoda Transtech one additional third ForCity Smart Artic X34 tram under a EUR 3 million agreement. The low-floor tram will be manufactured in Kajaani, Finland and delivered to Germany in spring 2020.
The sale marks the end of the production of the ForCity Smart Artic Helsinki and this will be the last vehicle of that type to be produced. Schöneiche already purchased two Helsinki Artic pre-series vehicles in October 2018.
The one-directional three-part ForCity Smart Artic Helsinki tram has a gauge of 1 000 mm, it is a fully low-floor tram and it is 27,4 m long. The vehicle also offers barrier-free access for wheelchair users and prams. The all-wheel drive and robust chassis and axle design enables trouble-free operation in challenging climatic conditions.
The ForCity Smart Artic Helsinki tram is based on an original idea of Helsinki City Transport (HKL) and has been developed in collaboration between HKL and Škoda Transtech. The first Artic trams have been in operation in Helsinki since 2013.There are currently 60 Artic trams in passenger traffic. Altogether, Helsinki City Transport has purchased a total of 72 vehicles of ForCity Smart Artic tram type. Schöneiche will receive the 73rd which is also the last Helsinki tram of this type produced fully in Finland.

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