Additional “Donizetti” trains for Lombardy

Coradia Stream regional trainsFerrovieNord, part of FNM Group, and Alstom have signed a contract for the supply of 20 Coradia Stream regional trains which will operate the regional rail network of the Region of Lombardy. EUR 125 million is the value of the contract which is the contract within the framework agreement signed in November 2019 with FNM for 61 regional trains.

Alstom will deliver the trains from June 2023 onwards.

The train ordered by FerrovieNord, named “Donizetti” by the customer, belongs to Alstom’s Coradia Stream range of trains.

The single-deck electric trains each have four traction motors and a maximum speed of 160 km/h. They represent the latest generation of a model that is already in commercial service in ten Italian regions, and are produced in conformity with the Technical Specification for Interoperability (TSI).

Coradia Stream can be easily adapted for different types of service. The interior and seating arrangements can be modified to suit diverse needs, for example with more seats on longer routes or optimised standing space for shorter journeys. The modular interiors can be adapted to suit the seasons or particular requirements. Bike racks, drinks and snack dispensers, multimedia areas and work or relaxation zones, for instance, can easily be added.

Wider windows offer increased luminosity and a sense of greater space and comfort. Advanced infotainment, audio, and video services, as well as live video surveillance, ensure comfort and safety.

The new trains satisfy strict criteria of environmental sustainability and are 96 per cent recyclable and consume 30 per cent less energy than the previous generation. Minimal levels of noise and vibration ensure a quiet and comfortable journey. The trains boast high-performance air conditioning systems.

The Coradia Stream regional trains for Lombardy are manufactured by Alstom in Italy.

In the last decade, Alstom has delivered 54 regional trains for Lombardy. In November 2020, Alstom and FNM signed a contract for the supply of six hydrogen trains, Italy’s first order for these innovative trains. FNM operates 331 km of railway network and 124 train stations in Lombardy.

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