Additional container wagons for PKP Cargo

container wagonsPKP Cargo has received from the Polish – Romanian consortium Wagony Świdnica – Astra Rail a new batch of 44 container wagons of Sggrs series with a load length of 80 feet (24.38 metres). In May, the consortium has delivered the first batch of Sggrs railcars.

In total, the Polish rail freight transport operator will receive 220 Sggrs intermodal platforms by the end of 2022, and they will be used for international container transport.

The Sggrs series platforms have a universal mandrel system that allows the transport of containers in the configuration dimensions of 4 x 20 ‘, 2 x 40’ and 2 x 30 ‘. The Sggrs series wagons are compliant with the Technical Specifications for Interoperability and they meet the standards of quiet wagons.

PKP Cargo is currently implementing its largest investment for the procurement of rolling stock for intermodal services. “We made the decision about these purchases, seeing the directions in which the market is heading, where the share of bulk goods in rail freight, especially coal, is decreasing, and the share of intermodal cargo, mainly containers, is growing. A few years ago, the intermodal segment provided us with a few percent of the transport performance, and now it is already 18 percent. We need modern freight cars and locomotives that will allow us to transport loads more efficiently, faster and cheaper,” the CEO of PKP Cargo Czesław Warsewicz said.

The modern construction of the new container wagons allows them to travel at a maximum speed of 120 km/h.

“The dynamic development of intermodal transport in recent years determines the adaptation of logistics operators to the new reality. PKP Cargo responds well to the changing situation. Through the purchase of multi system locomotives and wagons for intermodal transport, co-financed by the European Union, the company increases its capabilities and improves its business position,” the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Andrzej Bittel said.

Wagons Świdnica and Astra Rail, both rolling stock manufacturers owned by the American Greenbrier Group, are implementing the contract as part of the project “Multi-system locomotives and wagons for intermodal transport”, which is co-financed by EU funds from the Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment 2014-2020.

As part of this project supported by the EU under the OP Infrastructure and Environment, PKP Cargo is procuring five multi-system locomotives for international transport. PLN 243 million (EUR 54 million) is the total value of the project, of which PLN 92 million (EUR 20.44 million) are provided by the European Union.

In addition, PKP Cargo is implementing the first contract funded by the EU covering the purchase of intermodal platforms manufactured by Tatravagonka. By the end of next year, the Slovak company will deliver 936 platforms worth nearly PLN 367 million (EUR 81.5 million), of which 50 percent is covered by the European financing.


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