ADB loan funds Uzbekistan’s locomotive acquisition

USD 170 million ADB loan was provided to Uzbekistan for the procurement of 24 electric locomotives, of which 16 locomotives for freight transport and 8, for passenger services. In addition, the loan will also finance the modernisation of locomotive depot in Tashkent, called O’zbekiston, which will serve the new electric fleet.
Total cost of the project is USD 218.3 million, with the Government of Uzbekistan contributing USD 48.3 million. The project is expected to be completed by June 2025.
The acquisition project will enhance the performance of the railway system by offering cleaner, more reliable, and efficient passenger and freight transport services.
The new locomotives will help cut greenhouse gas emissions by 900,000 tons per year, while also reducing local air pollution. Uzbekistan Railways will implement a long-term development strategy to equip itself for the emerging transport needs of the country.
“Transport and connectivity are crucial for the growth and development of a double landlocked country like Uzbekistan, and remains a high priority for our support to Uzbekistan,” said ADB Country Director for Uzbekistan, Cindy Malvicini.
ADB’s USD 170 million assistance directly complements other projects in Uzbekistan for the electrification of the country’s railway network, two of which are supported by ADB. In Septeber 2011, ADB approved a USD 100 million loan for the electrification of 140 km of railway between Marakand and Karshi, while an USD 80 million loan was approved in 2017 for the electrification of 145 km of railway linking the cities of Pap, Namangan, and Andijan in the Fergana Valley.

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