A2A Rail plans to link Alaska rail network with Canada

The A2A Rail Corporation plans to link the Alaska rail network with Canada so that goods traded with Asia go along the shortest route through the ports of Alaska. The railway corporation hopes to reduce travel time for cargo, including bitumen, bound for Asian markets.
According to supporters of the project, this merger would reduce the time for delivery of goods between Asia and Canada and the main territory of the United States by at least 2 days. The ports of Alaska are the closest, from North America, to Asia.
A2A Rail plans to build a 2,736 kilometers railway to Alberta, of which 322 kilometers are in Alaska.
The cost of the project is estimated at USD17 billion and the corporation intends to find money on its own and does not ask for government funding.
Two weeks ago, Alaska’s governor has asked U.S. President Donald Trump for permission to extend an Alaska rail line into northern Alberta, according to officials. Presidential permits are necessary for the implementation of cross-border infrastructure projects and are issued in cases where projects are in the national interest.

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