A totally clean transport system in Singapore

‘By 2040, clean vehicles will run on Singapore transport network. We designed a 45-minute city with 20-minute towns goal under the 2040 Land Transport Master Plan. We will invest in our public transport system to provide seamless services, an increased comfort and more convenient connections. We want an easier transport system for our passengers,’ Hoon Ping Ngien, the Chief Executive of Land Transport Authority said, at the UITP Global Public Transport Summit.
LTA intensively engaged the community to shape the Master Plan, and after series of public consultations, the authority recently published its transport strategy which is created on a ‘transport for all, healthy lives and safer journeys’ motto. The plan envisages the development of the urban railway network, the completion of the on-going projects, on the improvement of the rail connectivity, which includes the construction of new links and new transport hubs. It also includes the procurement of clean vehicles, the construction of a comprehensive cycling system, and all the public transport system will be equipped with modern signage, signs with larger fonts and Braille, as well as announcement systems for all passengers with reduced mobility, making a ‘transport for all’ concept.
All key projects highlighted in the Master Plan will bring ‘Singapore together’.

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