A rail engineering centre to be created in Russia

Sinara Group and Siemens Mobility GmbH signed with Russian Railways an agreement for the development of an engineering center. RZD and the Sinara Group will create an engineering centre for innovative technical and technological solutions, while Siemens Mobility GmbH will act as a technology partner on the project.
The three companies will develop cooperation in the field of engineering consulting, pre-design and design services and the development of design, maintenance and repair documentation with the aim of creating innovative railway rolling stock and its production in the Russian Federation, including high-speed electric trains capable of speeds of up to 400 km/h.
Creating the engineering centre will serve to consolidate existing and acquire new competencies in the design and production of railway rolling stock in Russia. High-speed trains will be the first project.
The engineering centre will also enable the formation of a staff of highly qualified engineers, specialists and industrial designers, as well as cooperation between manufacturers and scientific organisations in the creation of rolling stock and infrastructure facilities for Russian Railways.
The tasks of the centre will also include the development of documentation for rolling stock and infrastructure from technical requirements to obtaining design documentation.

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