A new block train expands multimodal rail service in China

DHL China_pr_cn_091614DHL Global Forwarding announced multimodal services in China and plans for North Asia. The company launched a new weekly scheduled block train service from Suzhou along the trans-Siberian North Corridor, to DHL’s intermodal hub in Poland, connecting Suzhou with Europe. A dedicated and cost effective service, it takes half the time of ocean freight and is a sixth of the cost of airfreight. This expansion complements the existing daily single wagon service from Shanghai to Europe, also along the North Corridor, and the weekly block train service from Chengdu to Europe along China’s West Corridor rail line through Kazakhstan to Europe.
The new scheduled block train service offers an average transit time of 14 days to Warsaw from Suzhou and will access DHL’s Europe network via Manzhouli in China and Zabaikalsk in Russia and DHL’s intermodal hub in Małaszewicze.


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