4 companies to bid for the financial opening of Grand Istanbul Tunnel Project

According to the preliminary information, 6 companies were invited to the opening of the financial proposals for the 3 level Grand Istanbul Tunnel Project for the study, project and engineering services.

Authorities say that the new tunnel, under the Bosphorus Strait (1 railway level, at the middle, and two highway levels) will relieve the congested traffic of Istanbul.

6 of the 7 firms that submitted bids for the feasibility study, designing and engineering services for this project, initiated by the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Infrastructure Investments, received prequalification offers.

The tender for the project was first released on Aug. 10, 2016, with İdom, Tecnimont and Yüksel Project firms’ financial offers, but it was later declared null due to a financial mistake in one of the companies’ offer.  In 2017, the offers were made by Tecnimont Civil Const., İtalfer-Sintagma, Arcadsi-Prota and Yüksel companies. One part of the planned 6.5 kilometer-long tunnel will connect a high speed subway system from the İncirli neighborhood on the European side to the Söğütlüçeşme neighborhood on the Asian side. The second part will connect a two-lane land route between Hasdal on the European side and Çamlık on the Asian side, hurryietdailynews.com informs.

The groundwater data will be determined by conducting deep sounding studies on land and at sea, within the scope of the survey, project and engineering services, for which  cost is determined as approximately TRY 30 million, out of which TRY 7.5 will be allocated in 2017. The engineering projects are planned to be completed within 1 year following the bidding process and the tunnel will be constructed within the Build-Operate-Transfer model.

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