4th latin America Rail Expansion Summit

4th latin America Rail Expansion Summit 2020

March 4&5
Mexico City



Multiple countries in Latin America are investing in the railway sector. Mexico, for example, is launching the Mayan Train, one of the main infrastructure projects that involves passengers, tourism and cargo covering 1,500 km. Likewise, in urban projects they expand Mexico City Metro Lines and start new projects such as the Guadalajara electric train.

Colombia, for its part, invests in the Bogotá Metro, aiming at a radical change in urban transport and also the reactivation of the Antioquia Railroad.

Chile, for example, has a project worth US $ 5,000 million to modernize and expand the train network. “Chile on rails”, as the program is called, targets 25 projects and more than 1,000 kilometers of railways that will triple the number of users by 2027, reaching 150 million passengers, and doubling the cargo capacity up to 21m ton.

The 4th Latin America Rail Expansion Summit will bring together local and international experts, government officials, operators, developers, architects, consultants and suppliers of equipment and solutions to discuss the current and future rail sector in Latin America.

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