By 2020, Singapore’s public transport will be “cashless”

Singapore Land Transport Authority (LTA) and TransitLink are working for a “fully cashless vision” for public transport by 2020, in line with companies’ Smart Nation strategy.
To realise this vision, LTA and TransitLink will launch a series of initiatives where commuters will no longer use cash to pay for rides or to top up stored-value cards.
The companies’ key pillar move towards a cashless public transport system is Account-Based Ticketing (ABT), which LTA has been piloting with Mastercard since March 2017. ABT allows commuters to enjoy a “tap and go” fare payment experience by simply tapping their contactless credit or debit card on the bus or MRT fare readers, and without the need for upfront top-ups. Commuters will be charged for their public transport rides in their credit or debit card bill.
LTA and TransitLink are working with rail operators to remove cash top-up services at Passenger Service Centres (PSCs). To minimise inconvenience for commuters, they will carry this out gradually, starting with PSCs at 11 train stations from September 2017. Over the next few years, LTA and TransitLink will progressively remove cash payment options for public transport transactions, including for fare payment on buses and for stored-value card services at train stations.
“The growth of electronic payments has rapidly transformed the public transport ticketing scene, with cash payments and top-ups being replaced by convenient, fuss-free cashless options. Our aim is to become a fully cashless public transport system by 2020 and we are determined to do so by enhancing the cashless ticketing experience for all commuters. A major milestone will be the opening of the first cashless rail line from 2019 – the Thomson-East Coast Line. With more than 7 million ticketing transactions each day, a fully cashless public transport system will be an important step in Singapore’s quest to become a cashless society and a Smart Nation,” LTA’s Group Director Lam Wee Shann said.

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