15 additional Siemens LRVs for Calgary

Siemens Mobility will deliver 15 more S200 LRVs for Calgary’s light rail which will replace Siemens’ original U2 vehicles. The new vehicles will be built at Siemens Mobility’s Sacramento facility, which is up to 80% powered by solar energy.

The new cars will continue to feature the unique Calgary “Mask” look, which was inspired by a hockey goalie mask, and chosen by popular vote.

Siemens Mobility has delivered over 260 vehicles for Calgary’s LRT running the system for almost 40 years.

“These U2 cars have been reliable workhorses that have more than exceeded their expected lifetime and we’re proud at how we’ve been able to  update and replace them with our S200s,” said Michael Cahill, president of Rolling Stock for Siemens Mobility, North America.

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