RAILWAY PRO 365 – Yearly Market Report

Yearly Market Report = 365 Business Opportunities

Already established as a landmark in its field, for 12 years now, the Railway PRO 365 – Yearly Market Report continues to be the main support for companies searching for the latest international projects and developments.



The annual publication encompasses technical articles, analyses and statistics as well as future trends of the international railway market, all carefully researched and detailed by our dedicated team of editors.

The structure of the Railway PRO 365 – Yearly Market Report is tailored for our customer’s specific needs into 6 sections:
Infrastructure | Passengers | Freight | Urban | Authorities | Company Profile Page

Each section is divided into 9 geographical regions: Africa, Australia, East Asia, Europe & Central Asia, Western Europe, Latin America, North America, Middle East, and South Asia, with the purpose to facilitate the access to the required information.



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Railway PRO 365 – Yearly Market Report is an effective communication tool that guarantees railway companies access to specialized audiences, top decision makers, rail & logistics professionals, passenger and rail freight operators, politicians and regulators, representatives of the railway industry and organisations and influencers from the international railway market.

Available in print as well as on-line, the Railway PRO 365 – Yearly Market Report is a catalyst for growth in sales and business alliances as well as a strategic source of information for companies interested in identifying prestigious suppliers and potential partners

Most popular choices among our clients:

Full-colour page positioned in the desired section.

describe your company, include your portfolio and add
your contact details together with your company’s logo
at the top of the page

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add your logo on the title chapter page of your domain


Why advertise:

Elaborate your marketing plan and promote your products and services to the international railway market by advertising and listing your company’s profile.

Benefit from:

‣ strategic market analyses
‣ tailored market reports focusing on the existing business opportunities in the railway markets
‣ market intelligence
‣ identification of business partners
‣ world-wide distribution

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Apart from the distribution to the database of partners and devoted readers, the Railway PRO 365 – Yearly Market Report is distributed at prestigious international events throughout the world where Railway PRO is Media Partner:

Railway Forum Berlin 2017| 30 Aug 2017
6th International Fair of Railway Equipment and Technologies EXPO 1520| 30 Aug 2017
ASEAN Rail Summit 2017| 06 Sep 2017
Smart Parking| 27 Sep 2017
East & Central Africa Roads & Rail Infrastructure Summit 2017| 27 Sep 2017
Railway PRO Investment Summit| 03 Oct 2017
Elmia Nordic Rail| 10 Oct 2017
InnoRail 2017| 10 Oct 2017
Middle East & Africa Rail Show| 11 Oct 2017
African Rail Evolution| 17 Oct 2017
Railway Interiors Expo 2017| 14 Nov 2017
5th International Railway Summit| 15 Nov 2017
International Railway Summit| 15 Nov 2017
GMS Rail Expansion Summit 2017(GRES2017)| 30 Nov 2017



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